Gettel Auto Group switches to Gubagoo to jump into live chats and sells 100+ additional cars per month

One of the biggest advantages to Gubagoo is the ability to take over a conversation that we should be handling, one that is asking questions related to specific inventory or sales.

David Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer, Gettel Automotive Group

Gettel Automotive Group is one of Florida’s largest auto groups with 17 locations offering a wide variety of brands.  Collectively, the Group generates more than $872 million in revenue and sells more than 24,000 cars each year.

Customer service is Gettel’s number one priority. This is affirmed in the company’s motto, Gettel’s Got It. The entire dealership team is dedicated to building lifelong relationships with customers, and will do whatever  it takes to make sure the customer is both satisfied and impressed.



more chat leads


more cars sold


Single provider to deliver a unified view of leads across all stores

Prior to using Gubagoo, Gettel’s stores were using a variety of different chat companies with lackluster results. David Kelly, Chief Marketing Officer at Gettel Automotive and his team decided that finding a higher performing chat provider for the entire group would generate better results, simplify vendor management and deliver a unified view of leads across all stores.

Giving digital consumers the “Gettel’s Got It!” experience

After evaluating several chat solutions, Gettel selected Gubagoo ChatSmart. The team liked the powerful features of ChatSmart, but they were most impressed with ChatSmart’s unique ResQ feature. With ResQ, dealership staff can monitor live chats and texts in real time, whisper advice to Gubagoo’s chat specialist, and jump into live conversations with customers. Using ChatSmart and ResQ together gave Gettel the means to deliver the same high level of customer service to digital consumers that retail visitors came to expect from Gettel.

Also, Gettel appreciated the ease of use for its dealers to ResQ a chat or text. ResQ notifications are automatically sent by Gubagoo to the dealer staffs’ mobile devices and web browsers. When a sales team member sees that a customer is looking for detailed vehicle information or pricing, they can chat with the specialist to whisper advice, or they can jump in and take over the conversation with the consumer.

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* Results compare 3rd party chat vendor data captured February 1 to August 31, 2017 with Gubagoo data captured February 1 to August 31, 2018. Data captured from the same 15 stores.





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Compared to competitive solutions, Gubagoo generated


Switching to Gubagoo ChatSmart proved to be great for Gettel’s business.  David compared Gubagoo’s performance with the competitive chat vendor performance across 14 stores over a similar 7-month period. He saw that Gubagoo generated 279% more leads and resulted in 2x more cars sold than the competitive chat vendors Gettel was using previously.

David’s team is diligent in tracking results from ChatSmart and ResQ. They discovered that stores that ResQ the most chats also made the most sales.