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Gubagoo's integration with Car Wars call tracking tool resulted in a boost of inbound and outbound texts into the Gubagoo platform and, ultimately, more logged leads and booked appointments each month for Morgan Automotive Group stores, Sun Toyota and Brandon Honda.

Car Wars’ integration with Brandon Honda and Sun Toyota’s existing texting platform, Gubagoo, allows for texts on Car Wars tracking lines to automatically populate into the stores’ existing texting platform. This allowed Brandon Honda and Sun Toyota to capture potential revenue from text messages received from their outbound caller ID lines tracked through Car Wars and easily handle 100% of their chats in Gubagoo’s conversational platform.

 Both dealerships saw an immediate boost in inbound text volume into Gubagoo. As a result, the dealerships pursued inbound leads more quickly – producing an increase in outbound texts – and converted more internet and phone leads.


The Gubagoo integration with Car Wars has proven to be a smart investment for Brandon Honda and Sun Toyota. The integration has led to an increase in leads, appointments, and overall sales for the dealerships.

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